The Gardens

See pictures of the gardens or take a virtual tour

In one large garden we have created five garden areas on the Christian Spiritual Journey. These follow the pattern of the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises, (though it is not essential to know these to appreciate the garden areas) and each area is twinned with an environmental issue.

To follow the path through the gardens is like a mini pilgrimage, and since you end at the beginning you can go round again taking your experience deeper.

  •     The first area is about God as a Loving Creator, twinned with renewable energy;
  •     The second about being a loved and forgiven sinner, twinned with rubbish.
  •     The third is about being a disciple and is twinned with consumer choice. It has several exits, and a classic design of labyrinth.
  •     The Passion garden is twinned with human suffering.
  •     The Resurrection garden has a small tree nursery as its environmental issue.

All the areas have spaces where you can sit, and the last two have small shelters. In each garden the hedges, paths, structures and plants, represent aspects of the theme.